REDMOND ROAST Guatemala Coffee Beans


Perfect for Americano coffees. 100% Arrabica beans from Guatemala. Dark Roast.

If you want a smooth, full flavour coffee with minimum acidity and no aftertaste, San Antonio Dark Roast is for you!

Organic coffee from a single coffee farm in Guatelaman highlands.
Flavour is very intense with a slight hint of chocolate, a creamy head and an amazing aroma.
Dark roast is often used for espresso and cappuccino.
Fine flavour without aftertaste or acidity.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
6 - 7 12.95
8 - 11 2.32 % 12.65
12 - 23 5.41 % 12.25
24+ 7.72 % 11.95


Premium Coffee Beans. 100% Arabica beans from Guatemala.

Additional information

Bag Size

500 gram, 1 kg


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