Q10 High Volume Coffee Grinder


The Q10 series is a grinder for a busy coffee business, this grinder is designed to give you exceptional service and perfect ground coffee. Q10 Grinder has functions for pre-ground coffee, pretty handy if you use pre-ground coffee in your business. Q10 Series Grinder is an auto dosing espresso coffee grinder that can be set for single shot and double shot grinds. Q10 grinder offers three modes for coffee grinding either dose on demand for speed and consistency or for premium coffee service, also the continuous grind for professional who prefer control manually their espresso dosing. Grinding disks made of hardened steel to insure precise grinding and long life.


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Three Setting Options:

Dose on demand – the quickest fresh coffee grinder on the market. Ideal for busy coffee shop.
Grind on demand – each dose is prepared just before being served.
Manual dose – for manual dosification.

  • Elegant aluminium body with presence and durability.
  • Exact dosification.
  • 3.5″ LCD touchscreen display for easy programming and set up. Coffee servings counter.
  • USB port to transfer parameters, to download a personalised screen saver, or to update software. 12 programming languages.
  • Upper hatch to clean coffee conduits top-down with supplied brush.
  • Precise and easy to adjust grinding point (0.006 mm).
  • Hopper capacity 1.5 kg, 525 watt motor, 64 mm grinding disks.
  • Q10 con lata peque
  • Optional Kit for Coffee tins:
  • This kit allows the Q9 Series grinder to be used with this type of coffee container.


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