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Rimini 1 Group Traditional Espresso Machine

Rimini is a versatile espresso machine because it has a touch sensitive key pad plus an electronic system that automatically regulates the volume of the water used, so that different coffee doses can easily be programmed on each brew head. Optional cup rails.

2 year Warranty.

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Group Heads:                    1 Head
Boiler Capacity:                8.0 litres
Boiler Heating Element:   3.0 kW
Size/Dimensions:              42x58x52 cm
Weight:                               45 Kg
Steam Wands:                   1 Steam Wand (rotating)
Usage/Output Level:         Low/ Medium volume

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Additional Benefits/Options:
(a.) High resistant group head that injects air into the espresso to make a very thick crema on coffees.
(b.) Rotating Steam Wands.
(c.) Adjustable Water Temperature and Water Pressure.
(d.) Large durable internal pump motors. 120 Watts
(e.)  Dosification can be electronically programmed.

All Quality Espresso machines have the following features:
  • Brass Group heads.
  • Scale resistant Teflon components. Group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting. Teflon coated flow meters.
  • Quality group exhaust solenoids. Ruby seals.
  • Large durable internal pump motors.
  • No plastic body parts  Stainless steel splash zone, aluminium side panels.
  • Heavy Duty Durable Machine
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled.

Additional information

Machine Size

2 Group Machine, 3 Group Machine, 1 Group Machine, 4 Group Machine


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