Cunill CT-2


Cunill CT-2 espresso grinder is made of copolyester material which makes it unbreakable and non-deformable, its body is made of anti-scratch material and in a single piece which means less vibrations and more robustness with internal air inlet and outlet ventilation system. Cunill CT-2 Grinder has micrometric regulation of the coffee grind using a regulatory pawl, also a new system for the ground coffee which allows leaving the grinding cavity clean when the coffee grinder stops.

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This grinder can be washed in a dishwasher at 90 °C. Large tray integrated into the body, ready to take knocks (portafilter), hermetically sealed doser without aroma loss and less vibration. Cunill CT-2 ergonomic handle and it has a Universal coffee tamper (rotatable). Doser fitted with gasket-saver portafilter positioner. Hopper (2kg)


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