Ruby Espresso Machine 1 Group

Ruby espresso machine is perfect for small space and coffee business. The copper boiler can be used with fine ground coffee or even with Easy Serving Espresso Pod (ESE Pod) so a commercial coffee grinder would not be required in this case. The volumetric touchpad offers programmable dosing for single and double shots and also for manual dosing. Featuring double protection for the heating element protects you from running the coffee machine with a low water level. There is an easy to remove drip tray that has a float to indicate when it’s full.

5 Year Warranty plus Free Installation

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Group Heads:                    1 Head
Boiler Capacity:                1.5 litres
Boiler Heating Element:   1.5 kW
Size/Dimensions:              37x43x31 cm
Weight:                               18 Kg
Steam Wands:                   1 Steam Wand (rotating)
Usage/Output Level:         Low Volume

Additional Benefits/Options:

(a.) Internal water tank that is refillable - does not connect to main water supply.
(b.) Completes espresso preparation even if the tank reaches the minimum water level, or if the boiler needs to take on water after making tea or frothing milk.
(c.) Does not allow espresso preparation if the boiler is not at working temperature.
(d.) Double protection for the heating element: in addition to the safety thermostat, if the boiler water is not at working level, the machine does not heat up.
(e.) Supplied with 1 cup filter holder and interchangeable two cup dribbler.

All Quality Espresso machines have the following features:

  • 5 years Warranty
  • Brass Group heads. 3 kilo mono bloc E-61 infusion / extraction technology.
  • Scale resistant Teflon components. Group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting. Teflon coated flow meters.
  • Quality group exhaust solenoids. Ruby seals.
  • Large durable internal pump motors. 
  • No plastic body parts  Stainless steel splash zone, aluminium side panels.
  • Heavy Duty Durable Machine
  • Pressure Guage
  • Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled.

All models of the Ruby range are available in black, red or white.

More information

Ruby Espresso Machine - Refillable Water Tank

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  • €1,320.00+ VAT

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