This is the absolute best Gas Espresso Machine on the market. It is manufactured by Quality Espresso in Barcelona. All parts and materials are of the highest quality. This machine will never let you down! Contact us for customer recommendations! Read the attached instruction and operation manuals.

2 year Warranty.

Email:    -    Phone:01-9030121Group Heads:                    2 Heads

Boiler Capacity:                13.0 litres
Boiler Heating Element:   2.6 kW
Size/Dimensions:              42x74x52 cm
Weight:                               54 Kg
Steam Wands:                   2 Steam Wand (rotating)
Usage/Output Level:         Medium/ High Volume

Additional Benefits/Options:

(a.) Suitable for medium to high volume coffee outlets.
(b.) Made in Barcelona, Spain by one of the world's top manufacturers of traditional espresso machines. 
(c.) The coffee dose is controlled by an electronic system that automatically regulates the volume of water used. 

All Quality Espresso machines have the following features:

  • 2 year Warranty
  • Brass Group heads. 3 kilo mono bloc E-61 infusion / extraction technology.
  • Scale resistant Teflon components. Group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting. Teflon coated flow meters.
  • Quality group exhaust solenoids. Ruby seals.
  • Large durable internal pump motors. 
  • No plastic body parts  Stainless steel splash zone, aluminium side panels.
  • Heavy Duty Durable Machine
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled.

Gas Electric Coffee Machine

  • Brands Futurmat
  • Product Code: Gas Electric Coffee Machine
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Product Pdf:
  • €2,450.00+ VAT

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