Futurmat F3 Four Group Electronic Espresso Machine.

Superior Traditional Espresso Machine with touch button controls for easy operation. Manufactured by Quality Espresso in Barcelona, Spain. A complete professional coffee machine. Ideal for coffees with thick crema head. Rotating Steam Wands for easier control to make high quality cappuccinos. Touch-sensitive key pads. Control hot water temperature & water pressure in boiler and water pumps. Easy to clean stainless steel service area.

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2 year WarrantyGroup Heads:                    4 Heads

Boiler Capacity:                24.0 litres
Boiler Heating Element:   5.0 kW
Size/Dimensions:              54x118x57 cm
Weight:                               96Kg
Steam Wands:                   2 Steam Wands (rotating)
Usage/Output Level:         Very High Volume
Colours: Comes in black, red, white or titanium colours.

Additional Benefits/Options:
(a.) High resistant group head that injects air into the espresso to make a very thick crema on coffees.
(b.) Rotating Steam Wands.
(c.) Adjustable Water Temperature and Water Pressure per head
(d.) Large durable internal pump motors. 120 Watts
(e.)  Dosification can be electronically programmed.

All Quality Espresso machines have the following features:
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Brass Group heads. 3 kilo mono bloc E-61 infusion / extraction technology.
  • Scale resistant Teflon components. Group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting. Teflon coated flow meters.
  • Quality group exhaust solenoids. Ruby seals.
  • Large durable internal pump motors. 120 Watts.
  • No plastic body parts  Stainless steel splash zone, aluminium side panels.
  • Heavy Duty Durable Machine
  • Pressure Guage
  • Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled.

Standard Features

Available in four colours

Futurmat F3 Electronic 4 Groups

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